transcribe audio to text in south africa

Transcription and audio to text services

Transcriber services in South Africa

Perfect Transcribers offers transcription services in South Africa and to global clients in need of transcription and translation services. We transcribe from all audio formats, can convert audio to different formats. We transcribe from mini and micro cassette tapes, digital files and lots more.

We have a pull of experienced transcribers with combined experience of over 4 decades in the field of transcription.

Range of transcription services offered to clients

Over our 9 years of operation, we have worked for a client base that cuts across all major industries including banking, education, FMCG, Telecoms, food and beverages, pharmaceutical, insurance, government, housing and lots more. Most of our clients are repeat clients. We will be willing to provide references where needed.

Understanding transcription services.

Transcription is a data conversion technique that involves audio recordings, transcribers and the final output, the transcript. To transcribe audio to text, you must first have an audio recording in place. Your audio recording can be recorded using various recording devices including digital recording devices, mainstream recording devices like your mixers or even your phones and smart phones.

Once the recording is done, it is transferred to the transcriber who listens to the audio and with the aid of some special instruments types out the audio into a word application program like Microsoft word.

This is the final product that is edited and delivered to the client. This is the basic process of transcription.

It will be great to let you know that transcribers are not devices or gadgets, they are human beings, professionals who take time to listen and type out your recordings. Clients have called asking to buy or hire transcribers with the understanding that these are tools you can get off the shelf but this is not so. We do not use any transcription software to transcribe. The transcription process involves human transcribers.

While research are at different stages to produce electronic devices and gadgets that can transcribe, there is presently no such device anywhere in the world that can do what humans can do.

Our transcription services

Perfect Transcribers offers transcription, translation and recording of sessions, meetings and conferences.

  • Disciplinary hearings.
  • CCMA hearings.
  • Interviews, conference transcriptions.
  • Legal Transcriptions.
  • court proceedings.
  • transcription services for one to one interview.
  • Transcription of group interviews.
  • Marketing and Research interviews.
  • Telephone interviews transcriptions.
  • We transcribe focus groups.
  • Board meetings.
  • Press briefing.
  • Round table discussion.
  • Transcription for entertainment and media
  • Transcription for radio interviews; Journalist interviews; Film/Movie Industry.
  • Educational and Academic Transcriptions.
  • Student Research interviews and Lectures.
  • University Research transcriptions.
  • Academic transcript
  • General Transcription: we undertake general transcription across many areas including board meetings etc.
  • Recording of conferences, meetings and hearings.
  • Transcription/Translation of documents and recordings.
  • qualitative research transcription services.
  • Arbitration

Audio to text file formats we work with

Perfect Transcribers handles various recording formats in both digital and analog formats. We are equipped to transcribe a variety of digital formats such as DSS, WAV, MP3, MPEG, MOV, and analog formats such as micro and standard cassette formats, VHS video, CD/DVD, mini discs, and more.

We transcribe audio to text from the sources listed below, but would prefer digital files in comparison to analog files.

The audio formats we handle include:

  • Digital Formats
  • You can upload your digital file directly to us. We accept the formats mentioned below:
    • Voice file: MP3, MP2, WAV, and WMA for transcription.
    • Video file: WMV, MPG, MPEG, MOV, ASF; IC & DVD
  • Recorder: MSV (Sony), DVF (Sony), DSS (Olympus) etc
  • Analog: Cassette Tape and VHS tapes ready for transcription.

For more inquiries about your transcription and transcriber request, please call or email.

083 502 6975; 011 022 1097 info (at)