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Help with Recording

The statement garbage in garbage out follows strongly when it comes to transcription. The quality of the final transcript is determined by a host of parameters including the quality of the recording. Your transcript is as good as your audio or voice recording. If the audio recording is bad, you cannot expect to have great transcripts.

Therefore the journey to the destination of getting a great transcript starts with the recording. Please follow this guidelines when recording, it will help improve and ensure that you have great voice recording at the end of the day.

1. Test the recording device over and over again. Listen to the voice recording to ensure that it meets your desired quality.

2. Check and make sure you are familiar with the audio settings of your digital voice recorder.

3. When buying an audio digital recorder, please buy one with a USB connection cable. This will ensure that you can backup your files on your computer. Avoid a recorder that has no USB connection port.

4. When recording, avoid recording in noisy and public environments. When you record all noise will be captured and this will affect the final outcome of your files.

5. Remember it takes between 4 – 6 hours to transcribe a recording, depending on the quality of the audio. You should plan accordingly and not put pressure on the transcribers. Proper planning will also help reduce the cost of your work.