Audio Recording

Audio recording for arbitrations, disciplinary hearings and meetings

Perfect transcribers offers audio recording and provides recording services that meets voice and audio recording requirements for arbitrations, meetings, boardroom meetings, disciplinary hearings and any other kind of recording you need. We record small, medium and large meetings. With over 9 years experience and a team of skilled sound and recording personnel your need for audio recording of your meetings, hearings, interviews and conferences are sure to be met.

  • Audio recording for small meetings. We describe small meetings as disciplinary hearings, round table meetings, arbitration hearings, board meetings etc held in a small room where you need proper records. Usually these meetings are round table meetings.
  • Voice recordings for medium sized meetings include small conferences and meetings held in a small venues but needing beyond the normal table mics.
  • Large meetings needing recording include conferences where full array of cordless mics, PA systems and sound systems with mixers are incorporated to do the recording.

Our range of equipment include speakers, microphones, cordless microphones, phantom mics, amplifiers, mixers, conference microphones, voice recorders, and lots more.

Whatever your needs for recording are, Perfect Transcribers is well equipped, experienced and skilled to meet them.